Bosch VE


The Bosch VE pump was used on 89-93 Cummins B series 5.9L engines in Dodge and RV applications.
Bosch VE pumps are rebuilt and calibrated in house and offered in a verity of performance configurations. Governed pump rpm can be raised to 3000+ rpm.
Timing and fuel setting can be set to achieve the desired hp level.
The upper reliable fuel limit for a VE pump is about 180 ccs of fuel or about 360 hp.
Increasing the VE pumps out put much beyond this decreases the longevity and should only be considered for competition use.
We also offer all the parts and advice for turning up your stock pump and getting the most out of what you have.
We offer a full range of performance injectors from Bosch to custom built to order performance injectors.
Aftermarket supply pumps are also available from us and offer more consistent fuel supply over the stock supply pump.
Fuel additive is highly recommended in every tank to help increase pump life. This is due to ultra low sulfur diesel fuel now in use nation wide. This fuel has very low lubricity and causes premature pump wear and failure.